Wisdom Health

Primary Care, Mental Wellness & Geriatric Consultation


Wisdom Health was founded by Dr. Anne Giesen in 2010 to provide compassionate, individualized medical care to older adults in the Boulder area.


We understand the opportunities and challenges of aging and welcome the privilege to support your health when you need it most. 


"They are a great team of physicians to work with. They're entire office is always very professional and responsive to our needs."

- DH, Lafayette


"One of the best doctors we have ever seen. We would highly recommend her." 

- current patient

Our Services

Primary care for adults 65 and older.

Geriatric psychiatry and mental wellness for older adults.

Consult with a physician specializing in Geriatric Medicine.

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Mailing Address

350 Ponca Pl Suite 250 Boulder, CO 80303



Phone 303.938.1110